A prayer for the morning:
Night passes, the day dawns: I greet the waking hour.
Bless, good God, all upon whom shines this returning light. Amen.

A prayer for a break in the day:

I pause on my day’s journey: let rest and peace be mine that, refreshed, I may go on with my Brother Jesus. Amen.

A prayer for the night time: 

God in my waking, remain in my sleeping.
God in my thinking, stay in my dreaming.
God in my moving, be in my lying down.
And when morning comes, I with God remain. Amen

A blessing for those we may meet or think of:

God’s blessing be yours, and well may you journey. 
Christ’s blessing be yours and well be your meeting. 
Spirit’s blessing be yours and grace in your living:
Each day of your rising up; each night of your lying down. Amen. 

Expressing God's love for all
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